Teacher Volunteers Special Award, Week 1

Week one of camp would not have chalked the desired success without our Teacher Volunteers. Nneka Youth Foundation appreciates your time, dedication and selflessness in making sure things fall in during the camp. Our Teachers, Our Everything. We love you!

Group 8, Winner of our Group Initiative Challenge, Week 1

As part of the activities during our camp, we had a Group Initiative Challenge where all 10 groups were asked to identify problems in their community and provide solutions to the stated problems. We are pleased to announce the top 3 winners for the Group Initiative Challenge. Group 8 emerged ultimate winners with 60 marks. This is what they came up with: Problem 1: People have to travel far and near to purchase Arts and Crafts. Solution: With knowledge and skills acquired from the Arts Department of the Nneka Summer Camp, students will be able to make Arts and Crafts like paintings, designed beads, carvings, portraits, among others, and sell to people. Problem 2: Business men and women find it difficult to advertise their products to reach a wide range of customers. Hence, they are unable to make much sales. Solution: With knowledge and skills in Graphic Designing, students will make posters, banners, flyers and the like, to help market their goods. Problem 3: Prevalence of open defecation coupled with improper waste disposal and poor drainage systems Solution: Produce simple filters which will separate organic matter from water. Students can earn income from the sale of these filters. Group 2 came out second and Group 3 came out third. #nnekasummercamp2019 #nnekayouthfoundaation #worldchangers #transformingafrica #greatinitiative

The NnekaVision

We were privileged to make campers have a feel of what Virtual Reality is all about. This session is proudly powered by Ho Node Hub. #nnekasummercamp2019 #nnekayouthfoundation #honodehub #adayinVR

Social Media Awareness with Empress Vee

ADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL MEDIA 1) It boosts creativity 2) It creates opportunities for making new friends 3) For advertising businesses NEGATIVE INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. 1)Cyber bullying. 2)Cost of data. 3)Exposure to pornographic materials. 4)Scamming.

Good Morning from Nneka

Your mornings can’t be any better than our Morning exercise and aerobics with our campers. #nnekasummercamp2019

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