Our Projects

Summer Camps

Our “World Changers Camps” play a vital role in developing positive mindsets among rural youth. All sessions are held at our very own Youth Development Centre at Ve Agbome in the Afadjato South District in the Volta Region of Ghana. Our camps bring together youth from over 200 communities for a month-long, residential camp that runs over 4 streams of 6 days each. The camps are carefully and tactically structured with embedded seminars, clinics, breakout sessions, ICT trainings, arts and vocational skills training handled by seasoned resource persons from varying professional backgrounds who engage the youth on various specialist topics.


Nneka is key proponent of capacity building and human capital development. We are very keen on empowering our implementation partners to effectively deliver measurable change. This empowerment is delivered through professionally tailored workshops that target various categories of stakeholders. Our workshops are practical and employ cutting edge methods as well as motivational tools. So far, over 1500 stakeholders have benefitted from these workshops..

Teacher Training

Nneka Youth foundation recognizes the tremendous impact that teachers have in the lives of their students. We actively partner with certified and experienced organizations and individuals to better understand day-to-day challenges of teaching and also introduce innovative and improved training techniques necessary to engage and empower students of all ages.

Speed Mentorship

We are strong proponents of the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Our Speed mentorship brings together all stakeholders including children, parents, Teachers and community leaders to educate them on their rights of a child and responsibilities of parents and teachers towards their children. We also address issues and concerns that hinder the educational progress of children in various communities.

Financial Literacy

Nneka’s commitment to raising healthy children extends beyond the classroom and into the home.

Sponsorship Programs

Our scholarship program identifies promising students at risk of dropping out of school and covers the cost of tuition and school needs to allow these students to share their gifts with the world. 16 Students have benefited from this program at secondary and tertiary levels.

Book Drive

We work with partners to provide reading and textbooks to schools. The major objective is to provide access to reading materials, crank up literacy levels and cultivate a culture of reading among rural children. We have trained teachers and volunteers to assist children in reading and writing after school.

Vocational Enterpreneur Pathway (VEP Ghana)

VEP-Ghana is aimed at empowering, equipping and mentoring teenage mothers and girls out of school from rural, deprived communities. These young mothers are taken through various vocational skills training, life skills training, business management support training, and Psychosocial Support. 340 females have been trained in Soap making, beads production & Designing, Batik Tie & Dye Designing and Cassava Flour Production and Processing into Pastries. Some of these girls are supported with seed funding to start their businesses.

Nneka Palm Oil Woman Empowerment Reorientation Scheme

N-POWERS introduces a mechanized way of palm oil extraction to ease the burden of women in rural communities. This it saves them a great deal of time and relieves them of stress and gives them room for other engagements. The palm oil processing center is located at Ve Gbodome and this allows women from neighboring communities having access to the place. This project seeks to provide a sustainable livelihood for women to be able to cater for their children’s education.

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