REUSABLE SANITARY PADS: Managing Menstrual Hygiene among Girls.

Menstruation is a natural biological process girls go through monthly. Managing this cycle usually causes pain and financial challenges for many girls especially in rural Ghana, yet effective management of this has been an under-recognised challenge for girls. Access to basic menstrual hygiene materials such as sanitary pads make many girls dread having their menstruation. Most of them skip school 3 to 4 days every month because they cannot afford sanitary pads. Some of our girls resort to depending on men for help and end up being impregnated. Interventions to improve girls’ health, education and psychosocial wellbeing is key, as significant challenge to school attendance, fear of soiling uniforms would come under control, allowing better school attendance. To help manage this problem, Infinity Global Empowerment under ‘WO YE BRA’ initiative collaborates with NNEKA Youth Foundation (NYF) to train fifteen young women to make their own Reusable Sanitary Pads from suitable fabrics. Providing education for girls on reusable pads in rural areas would improve their school attendance, reduce shame, fear and insecurity they experience because of menstruation. Education on washing and drying the reusable pad would be helpful to encourage its use. Social support from peers and teachers would be very important for success. Madam Ellen Adu Baah, the representative of WO YE BRA initiative in Ghana said: “The initiative aims to equip girls with the skills and knowledge they need to have, to help a hitch-free Menstrual period. The use of reusable pads, we hope, would bring improvement in comfort and reliability which would translate into reduced fears around dress soiling and related school absenteeism”. Puberty education would improve girls’ confidence to discuss menstruation and prompt additional support received from teachers and peers. Infinity Global Empowerment has donated 5 sewing machines and basic accessories as NYF also source for the relevant fabric to aid this project. The young women pledged to make good use of the materials given to produce the reusable pads for their communities and schools.

On the 26th of December 2021, the annual Nneka Christmas Party for Underserved communities warmed over 1000 hearts this year. The Children from the Ho West District and its environs were proud beneficiaries of the 2021 installment of this all-important Christmas tradition. This initiative, which has become an integral part of Nneka Youth Foundation’s annual activities seeks to foster a communal identity of giving and celebrating and consolidating gains during the yuletide. The event was characterised by fun, excitement and profound fraternisation. It was also an opportunity for the over 150 Nneka Education Logistics Support (NELS) Beneficiaries from various districts at various levels of education, to interact with their sponsors. Outlining the purpose of the Nneka Christmas Party, Mrs Cecilia Fiaka, founder of Nneka Youth Foundation reiterated her organisation’s commitment to adding value to the lives of young people and cultivating the atmosphere of Hope that will lead to a strong sense of achievement. She also emphasised the importance of reaching out and putting smiles on the faces of children of underserved communities. This, she said, could only be made possible through the support of district education directorates by ensuring their children participate. The Christmas party saw the thousand and over beneficiaries present feted; fed, gifted with clothes, School inputs and greatly entertained. This was made possible through the support the Foundation received from various individuals and organisations. According to Mrs Rita Addo the Manager of GOIL TEMA ZONE there couldn’t have been a better Christmas celebration than putting a smile on the face of a child who needs it most. Gracing the occasion were some top level dignitaries of the district, including the District Chief Executive of Ho West District Hon Ernest P Apau, the District Director of Education Madam Celestine Korsi-Agordo, the Paramount Queenmother, Mamagah Kporxawoeda I, Assemblymen amongst others. The most significant point they all stressed on was how the youth should focus on their education, especially the girls, choices they should make, to keep in school to avoid trouble especially teenage pregnancy. Nneka Youth Foundation seeks to take this initiative a notch Higher and impact even more lives.


Making of Tippy Taps for hand washing. There are no running taps in most households in the communities hence it was very effective and simple to put up Tippy Taps and give out soaps to households. This has been very essential and instrumental in promoting handwashing in these crucial times. These tippy taps aid in easy hand wash and less contact with bowls for hand washing thus curbing the spread of the virus. Teaching precautionary measures. We teach them the right way to wash their hands and make nose mask with handkerchiefs. We put up visible signs/posters to keep them in check at all times and also to guide them. So far with little support, we have reached out to 702 households in 43 communities in 5 districts with 15 volunteers on the ground. We are very grateful to individuals and organizations for their support during this campaign. We were glad to have the Goil Tema Zone team support our Campaign with gallons, nose masks, tissues, liquid soap, and sanitizers to be able to reach out to a wider range of people in the communities we work in. We say AYEKOO to all who support this initiative.

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