Speed Mentoring In Keta Municipality

Keta Municipal Assembly and Education travelled with NNEKA on our Speed Mentoring and Review sessions this week. We met with all stakeholders, to inform them about the concerns of their children, anonymously shared with us during our 2018 Youth camp, and how to solve them. We reached out to over 1500 basic school children from 9 schools and over 250 parents and teachers in Keta and Abor and their surrounding communities. Nneka Youth Foundation always goes back to the communities with feeback from the youth who attend our Camps. Anonymously, they are able to share the issues that are preventing them from focusing on their education. 9 schools/communities in all, 6 from Keta and surrounding communities and 3 from Abor areas were part of this excercice which was so revealing and very emotional. Education as well as parents promised to take up some of the issues seriously and resolve them.

Ten Young Mothers ready to start their own businesses!

Nneka Youth Foundation believes in words backed by action! We talk our young mothers into being firm, bold and strong when it comes to abuse, violence against them and their children and unconsciously being pushed into ‘child marriage’, the vices that entrench the impoverished state of our society. How firm, bold and strong could they be when provision of the most basic need, food, is not a possibility by them. We trained these women in our Vocational Entrepreneurial Pathway, we gave them Psychosocial support and on the 30th of May 2019, Ve Hoeme and surrounding villages witnessed the joy when all the inputs to enable the ten start work to become self reliant, became a reality.

Our interaction with basic school children

Where are you, parents and guardians? We had an opportunity to sit and interact with basic primary school children in the village and my experience, which was to be a fully positive one turned a bit worrying. Most of the children were, as though no one supervised neatness when they were leaving home for school. “It is a daily affair we have to grapple with, not only their outward look, they even come to school on empty stomach” a teacher said to me. We were privileged to share some thoughts with the teachers and the teacher- trainees of the school. Teachers play a great role in the academic excellence of many great people and they contribute to the success of many the world over. I could vividly remember during our elementary school days, teachers would visit our individual homes, and sometimes, surprised visits. Those visits meant a lot to us. I believed the purpose was to interact with our parents/guardians. To suggest best ways on our holistic growth, which example I think could be emulated especially in our smaller communities; where some children could enter a classroom and one would be tempted to ask if they had their bath. A little more show of concern, love and inputs in the affairs these children, in the classroom and beyond, would awaken those parents/guardians who just throw their wards in to the classroom anyhow. Teaching is a noble profession and must be entered with the right motive and the right heart. Whatever one loves, one lives!

Bene is fully empowered to start her own business.

We do not only train our young women, we set them up, to empower them to be self reliant! Bene has been trained in Soap making and as a Trainer; yesterday 28th May, she was set to go independent. We are grateful to The Ashmore Foundation for supporting us in this fight!

Over 500 children met with Nneka Youth Foundaton on the African Union Day

Nneka Youth Foundation celebrates The African Union day in a grand style with over 500 children drawn from 13 schools in the Shai Osu Doku District. The Theme for the day ‘Change is possible, You can Lead it’, focused on Reproductive Health, as Teenage pregnancy is very prevalent in the District, leading to girls dropping out of school. The Group Challenge session brought out a lot of solutions from the ten (10) Young Innovator Groups on management of Sanitation and how to turn this into income generating avenues for their communities. The Shai Osu Doku District Education Directorate is appreciated for making the day a success.

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