After our Speed Mentoring and Youth Empowerment sessions in the Ho West District, we took the opportunity to offer Economic Empowerment through Skill training to 26 teen mothers and out of school girls within the enclave through our Vocational Entrepreneurial Pathway (VEP) program. Our one week work in Dodome Traditional Area was successful through collaboration and support given us by the District Directorate of Education Together we transform communities and create opportunities. We are steadily transforming Africa, one child at a time.


Our Young innovator's summit was very transformational and impactful. The theme for this year’s summit dubbed “Commit today, Build tomorrow” started on the 5th – 9th 2020 of March and drew about 700 young people from 18 schools in 10 communities in the Krachi Nchurumu district. We were privileged to have the District Chief Executive to interact with the children on how they should take advantage of being thought how to catch fish and not be given fish. Participants were taken through lessons on Reproductive health, Drug Abuse, Social Media, Corruption, Potential building, Career Choice and they also learned handcraft skills in general beads designing and making and Cassava Flour Production and Processing into Pastries. Participants also had fun games and awards were given to all who participated in every activity. We were privileged to have a few selected youth to represent Nneka Youth Foundation at Ghana’s 63rd Independence Celebrations March Pass in Chinderi. We were able to make an outstanding performance to the amazement of all.

Cont’d Youth Empowerment Date

New Beneficiaries Nneka Youth Foundation supports 3 new beneficiaries who have potential but have very little or no financial support to further their education to the next level. We were able to get support for these children to the Senior High school level and now they have the hope of realizing their dreams. Follow-ups on some of our wards to some of the schools and even homes were revealing. It was sad to still see some children of school-going age at home; this proves how much work we have on our hands as a nation. We were also very privileged to have delivered the Education support given to 12 of our children by our friends from TKM, The Headteachers and their guardians were full of gratitude to our supporters, TKM. Date: 25/02/2020 Date: 25/02/2020

Cont’d Youth Empowerment Date

Nneka Youth Foundation is on course to achieving all goals set for 2020. We were privileged to welcome once again our friends from TKM, USA to join us reach out to 950 young people from five basic schools; two in Afadzato South District and three in the Ningo Prampram District. Our mantra ‘’Commit Today, Build tomorrow ‘’ dominated the empowerment theme. The essential nuggets of Self Belief, Purpose, Goal setting, and Planning were imparted to these young future leaders. TKM continued their great philanthropic mission by offering to support 12 more of our young people through basic education. We are poised to raise more world-changers and transform more lives this decade. Date: 20 – 23/01/2020, Number of Students reached: 950

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT (Beneficiary Engagement) Date

Nneka Youth foundation started 2020 on a good note by bringing together a cross-section of some of our scholarship beneficiaries who have been under our support since 2012. They are made up of students from various levels; Junior and Senior High schools, teacher training colleges, and universities. This meeting was held to help them network and appreciate themselves and learn from one another, the various circumstances under which Nneka identifies with them. This we believe, would help them push hard to be successful in life. Number of Beneficiaries: 30 Date: 3/01/2020

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