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Making of Tippy Taps for hand washing. There are no running taps in most households in the communities hence it was very effective and simple to put up Tippy Taps and give out soaps to households. This has been very essential and instrumental in promoting handwashing in these crucial times. These tippy taps aid in easy hand wash and less contact with bowls for hand washing thus curbing the spread of the virus. Teaching precautionary measures. We teach them the right way to wash their hands and make nose mask with handkerchiefs. We put up visible signs/posters to keep them in check at all times and also to guide them. So far with little support, we have reached out to 702 households in 43 communities in 5 districts with 15 volunteers on the ground. We are very grateful to individuals and organizations for their support during this campaign. We were glad to have the Goil Tema Zone team support our Campaign with gallons, nose masks, tissues, liquid soap, and sanitizers to be able to reach out to a wider range of people in the communities we work in. We say AYEKOO to all who support this initiative.


Nneka Youth Foundation has over the last 8 years promoted development and health care initiatives across rural Ghana. We are of the firm belief that the rural communities form a chunk of the vulnerable sample size that must be prioritized in health care initiatives. In the wake of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, Ghana has seen a steady spread of this disease in the country. This has seen major precautionary and preventive measures being implemented across the country. NYF, therefore, launched a sensitization drive on the 8th of April, in support of the Districts’ Health and Assemblies across some of the communities and villages we work in with our able volunteers including those in the health sectors, education, and tertiary students. Some of the Districts we work in the Volta and Greater Accra regions of Ghana have peculiar settlement conditions where little or no information reaches. And some of these districts share borders with Togo with so many unapproved routes that are used at the hindsight of the immigration. The awareness campaign was mainly to: Educate households on the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and its effect and also with health care volunteers to take them through the necessary measures on how to protect themselves, stay safe, and practice social and physical distancing. Make them aware of how this deadly pandemic spreads and how they should be couscous.


Nneka Youth Foundation works in collaboration with its stakeholders namely; District Directors of Education, District Chief Executives and Assemblies, Teachers, Elders, Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Community Leaders, Parents, and the General Community. For a positive impact to be made on the children and women we work with, the involvement of our stakeholders is key. For us to be able to carry out our work efficiently we set to meet with our stakeholders. We began the year with meetings with the majority of our stakeholders to discuss the betterment of children in the various districts and communities we work in. New initiatives, strategies, and plans were drawn so as to educate the children on the positive measures they should adhere to, to become good adults. We also met with the Queen Mothers and Women lead Leaders to discuss training opportunities to be created for the teen mothers and women in the communities to make them economically viable and independent and to reduce violence against women and children. We met with the Chiefs and Community Leaders in the Ningo Prampram District concerning the Rights of the children and the Responsibilities of their Parents and Community leaders and all stakeholders in the district. During the First half of the year, we were able to meet over 530 community members from 7 communities in 4 districts. Through our community engagement, we got the concerns of the children, parents and elders to inform our strategy. Dates: 21/01 – 7/02 - 8/06/2020 Total number of Participants: 200

Cont’d Women Empowerment Date

During our Mini Camp in the Krachi Nchumuru District, we were able to train 45 women from the Chinderi community in Beads Making and Detergent Production. The women went through 3 days of intensive training and were also taken through basic Financial and Marketing lessons. They left the training grounds very fulfilled and impacted. They assured us they were going to make the best out of what they have learned and be productive.

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