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Who we are

At Nneka Youth Foundation, there is nothing more important to us than uplifting communities by transforming the lives of young people. Since our founding in 2012, we have served more than 23,000 youth in nearly 270 communities in Ghana’s Greater Accra and Volta Regions. We provide educational and life skill building opportunities for young people who might be undeserved, overlooked or otherwise at risk of falling behind in their studies. “Nneka” is the Igbo word for “Mother is Supreme.” It conveys a sense of belonging to one’s motherland and staying there when life is good – but also seeking refuge, surmounting challenges and reinvesting in one’s community during the toughest times. When Nneka’s founder, Cecilia Fiaka, saw her own home village of Ve Gbodome plagued by high rates of school dropouts, teenage pregnancy and substance abuse, she was compelled to return and do something about it. That was the birth of Nneka Youth Foundation. Nneka brings camps, teacher trainings, leadership workshops, health seminars and mentoring programs to rural communities, giving young people opportunities to discover their strengths and the resilience needed to succeed as students, professionals and community leaders. We believe that our rural youth arecapable of becoming world changers when given the mindset and opportunities to make dreams possible.


  • Top 5 Funding Sources: Inputs from Sponsors, Foundation/Grants, Corporate and Individuals, Donations, Personal Funds
  • To reduce teenage pregnancy among school children by 20% in 5 years within identfied districts
  • To increase enrolments of students particular girls in senior high school by at least 20% in 5 years within identfied districts
  • To reduce drop-outs aa a result drug abuse and other social vices by 20% in 5 years within identified districts
  • To improve on examinations results particularly BECE BY at least 20% within 5 years in identfied districts


We are determined to make a lasting impact by adhering to the following values on a daily basis:

  • We display unmatched passion in helping the communities that we serve realize their full potential.
  • We demonstrate boldness and stand up for the rights of children whenever challenges arise.
  • We believe in equality and will never hesitate to provide opportunities to any individuals.
  • We respect every individual that we are fortunate enough to partner with, and we will always celebrate the strengths of our partners.
  • We promote transparency at every level and serve as a model for other organizations and institutions

Summer Camps


Youth Impacted


Communities Reached


Districts Reached


Years of Existence


  • Successful organization of 15 Summer Camps since 2012 for over 23,000 Youth in Ghana
  • The maiden camp took place at Ve Gbodome in 2012 for 500 youth drawn from 10 communities in the Afadjato South District. In 2017, we furner expanded 200 communities reaching out 2878 children
  • As of 2018, our Review/Follow-up and Speed-mentoring Programm in 5 Districts/Municipal (Afadjato South, Hohoe, South Dayi, North Tongu and Nkwanta South) saw over 8,000 participants with Parents, Teachers/Educators, Community Leaders and the Youth in attendance
  • Nine (9) Teenage mothers from 6 communities were supported and reintegrated into school in 2016
  • 340 teenage mothers were equipped with various vocational and basic entrepreneurial skills
  • 36 Teacher Volunteers from 2 Districts in the Volta Region were inculcated with Play Based Methodology Learning
  • 1,700 Basic School Englisch Teacher trained in Pragmatic Reading and Writing and Positive Discipline workshop in 7 districts in Ghana
  • 51 Teacher Volunteers from Afadjato South District Trained to Run Nneka After School Reading Program
  • A Reading Club formed in 2013 and over 15,000 reading books and text books donated to 11 schools in the Afadjato South District. E-Readers were also donated to 3 schools in the Afadjato South District