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Is your ward a JHS graduate on the GOLD TRACK? Do you want your ward to develop into a Creative Superstar? Are you ready for a month of Skills Development? Engage your child during the waiting period at NNEKA Skills and Entrepreneurship Training Clinic (SEAT Clinic). The NNEKA SEAT Clinic is purposely designed to transform Young People into Entrepreneurs and Skill Oriented Future Leaders. Skills available to be handled by seasoned experts: Beads making, Fabric Design and Screen Printing, Fashion Design, ICT and Coding and Basic Engineering. Also empowerment in Soft Skills such as: Basic Entrepreneurship, Basic Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Communication skills and Financial Literacy. Date: 1st to 26th October 2018. Venue: NNEKA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, Ve Agbome. RESIDENTIAL!!! Don't be left out of this wonderful opportunity!!! To be a part of this, contact us on: 0243110901 0552565641 0270405819 Or info@nnekayouthfoundation.org out!!!

Nneka Youth Foundation talking to parents and guardians about the importance of care and attention for their children. Date

The Lack of basic care and attention for primary school children before sending them off to school is a serious issue for discussion. Our attempts to reach out through Parents/Teacher Association and other stakeholder meetings could not yield much results as guardians do not show up for such meetings. NNEKA YOUTH Foundation had the permission of 6 churches to use their pulpits on the 9th of June to highlight the importance of care and attention for children. As much as some parents give their best, most children in under-served communities receive little or no attention before going to school in the mornings. The cycle of children having babies, leaving them in the care of relatives/others and lack of collaboration between Parents/Guardians and Teachers account for this. One request by all the churches visited was that we should come back to their entire communities with the message we carried.

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