Don't give small money chance

Once upon a time, time time. There lived a girl called Phoebe who was obsessed with ASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Nneka's Tsobooii Response

Tsoboooiiiii!!! .... Heeeeeyyyyyy!!! Tsoboooiiiii!!!........Heeeeeeyyyyy!!! Tsoooooooobooooyaaaaaa!!! We are the World Changers and the Future Leaders... Ahoya! Issa Nneka Distin.... If you know, you know

Interectative Lecture - Leadership

Our very own, Kosi Fiaka handled our Interactive Lecture today on the topic, Leadership. We are most grateful for your time with us, Kosi Fiaka.

Gender Breakout Discussion

We had a Gender Breakout Session for our campers, where the Boys discussed Personal Grooming/Hygiene and the Girls talked about Relationships

Nneka Chicken Dance

Nneka Chicken dance is the energizer campers love the most. True/False.... If you know, you know

Campers busily taking notes during our interactive lectures

Our campers busily taking notes during our Interactive Lectures. They are Learning, Relearning and Unlearning! Has your school been part of our summer camp yet? You really want to miss this educative, informative and life-changing experience? You just can't afford to miss this.

Interactive Lecture - Environmental Stewardship

Taking care of the environment is our responsibility - Gameli

The One Big Volunteering Family Meeting

The One Big Volunteering Family had a meeting this morning to review last week's activities during the camp as well as plan towards handling campers and activities during this week. We are not just individual people who come to volunteer. We have formed an unbreakable bond and a Big Family who share the vision of transforming Africa, a Child at a Time. It is not too late to join the One Big Volunteering Family to impact lives.

Welcome to Nneka Summer Camp 2019 Wee2

We are once again excited to have in our midst and welcome the second cohort of this year's Summer Camp. It's going to be an amazing and life-changing week. You can't afford to miss this experience.

End of First Week of Nneka Summer Camp 2019

All too soon, we have come to the end of Nneka Summer Camp 2019 Week 1. We had 635 participants from Zone 1 constituting Hohoe and Ho Central, Adaklu and Ho West Districts. We thank teachers, district officers, parents, and students themselves for making this week's camp successful. We are expecting the Zone 2 on Sunday, 12th August. Anticipate for more!!!

Teacher Volunteers Special Award, Week 1

Week one of camp would not have chalked the desired success without our Teacher Volunteers. Nneka Youth Foundation appreciates your time, dedication and selflessness in making sure things fall in during the camp. Our Teachers, Our Everything. We love you!

Group 8, Winner of our Group Initiative Challenge, Week 1

As part of the activities during our camp, we had a Group Initiative Challenge where all 10 groups were asked to identify problems in their community and provide solutions to the stated problems. We are pleased to announce the top 3 winners for the Group Initiative Challenge. Group 8 emerged ultimate winners with 60 marks. This is what they came up with: Problem 1: People have to travel far and near to purchase Arts and Crafts. Solution: With knowledge and skills acquired from the Arts Department of the Nneka Summer Camp, students will be able to make Arts and Crafts like paintings, designed beads, carvings, portraits, among others, and sell to people. Problem 2: Business men and women find it difficult to advertise their products to reach a wide range of customers. Hence, they are unable to make much sales. Solution: With knowledge and skills in Graphic Designing, students will make posters, banners, flyers and the like, to help market their goods. Problem 3: Prevalence of open defecation coupled with improper waste disposal and poor drainage systems Solution: Produce simple filters which will separate organic matter from water. Students can earn income from the sale of these filters. Group 2 came out second and Group 3 came out third. #nnekasummercamp2019 #nnekayouthfoundaation #worldchangers #transformingafrica #greatinitiative

The NnekaVision

We were privileged to make campers have a feel of what Virtual Reality is all about. This session is proudly powered by Ho Node Hub. #nnekasummercamp2019 #nnekayouthfoundation #honodehub #adayinVR

Social Media Awareness with Empress Vee

ADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL MEDIA 1) It boosts creativity 2) It creates opportunities for making new friends 3) For advertising businesses NEGATIVE INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. 1)Cyber bullying. 2)Cost of data. 3)Exposure to pornographic materials. 4)Scamming.

Good Morning from Nneka

Your mornings can't be any better than our Morning exercise and aerobics with our campers. #nnekasummercamp2019

Summer Camp 2019 has started!

We welcome everybody to our Summer Camp 2019.

Nneka World Changers Summer Camp 2019

We set sail!! Get geared up for an awesome life changing experience This year's Summer Camp starts from 4th-30th August, 2019 under the theme, Change is Possible!!! Nurturing Future Leaders to Actively Shape Society. You don't want to miss it!

Nneka World Changers Summer Camp

A successful 15th summer camp organized, several young lives reached, numerous hearts transformed, sustainable impacts made and desired outcomes achieved! It was a 6 days stream of residential camps for four weeks at the Nneka Youth Development Centre, Ve-Agbome in the Volta Region of Ghana. Over 1200 children from 161 Communities in the Volta and Greater-Accra Regions were reached. Campers represented various districts and municipalities; Kpando, North Dayi, South Dayi, Afadzato South, North Tongu, Nkwanta South, Keta, Hohoe, Ho Central, and Shai Osudoku We pulled resource persons from various professional fields to actively engage campers on impactful lessons on Leadership, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, Tolerance, Environmental Health, Innovation Hardwork and Vocational Skills Training. After every daily focus, campers broke out into smaller teams for focus-group discussions. The camp was opened by the District Chief Executive of the Afadzato South and Director of Education for Afadzato South. Chiefs, elders and community leaders were also in attendance for the opening of the 2018 World Changers Summer Camp.

the helicopter experience

‘We set out to inspire through the pictures of the future we paint.’ The Ghana Airforce descended on the Nneka World Changers Camp with their helicopter piloted by female Flight Lieutenant Rosemary Amenyo-Xah. The team delivered practical doses of motivation and spread infectious inspiration. Our campers, especially the girls, are now inspired more than ever to believe nothing is impossible. Join us as we fly together to transform Africa, One child at a Time.

Major Departmental Activities

Campers were given the opportunity to join various departments of their interest and passion. This year, 3 new departments were introduced at our camp; ICT Training, Basic Crop & Animal Farming and Creative Writing. Other departments included Fine Arts and Crafts, Beads Production & Designing, Cassava Flour Production, and Bracelets & Rosary Weaving.

Reading And Spelling Bee Competition

This year, Afadjato South district, represented by Enouch Agor, emerged the winner of our World Changers Camp Reading & Spelling Bee. The 1st and 2nd runner ups were respectively, Felicia Dela Dorvi from North Tongu district and Sakibu Rashid from Nkwanta South municipal.All 10 participants received reading and exercise books, stationaries and souvenirs from Junior graphic, Ashfoam and Stanbic bank. In addition, the school fees and Final exam registration fee of the overall winner will be borne by Nneka Youth Foundation.

Stanbic Day Out

It is always amazing to have individuals and corporate institutions come down to the level of children to interact with them. Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited, since our inception in 2012, has always had a day out with our children on camp each year. As usual, the staff represented in their numbers and the impact they had on the children through their interactions, partnership and financial support was immeasurable.


This year, we were priviledged to have over 60 general volunteers and volunteer teachers who supported massively. All our volunteers were with us from the first day in camp till the very last day of the camp. Volunteers were put into various departments and their presence and participation in all the activities was an inspiration to the children.


Nneka World Changers Summer Camp 2018 would not have been a success without the invaluable support and partnership of some individuals and organizations. We say a big thank you to; Stanbic Bank Gh Ltd, Ashfaom Gh Ltd, Reach For Change, Japan Motors, Marie Stopes Gh, Olam Gh Ltd, Junior Graphic, Indomie, Shoprite, Feminine Star Africa, Miniplast, Qualiplast, Ghana Airforce. We also appreciate North Tongu District Assembly and Keta Municipal Assembly for providing buses to transport children from their district and municipality, to and from camp. We call on other Assemblies to also support in this way during our subsequent camps.

Identifying your Worth as a Woman

We have all been there: Feeling victimized by a friend, a boss or a lover who has treated us poorly or unfairly. It’s an easy and common tendency to blame the other, make yourself out as the innocent one, while seeking out particular people who will reaffirm that pain body within that encourages a “woe is me” mentality. But if you start to look back and analyze a bit, you may realize that the there is one common denominator in each scenario and situation. That common denominator is you. You allow people to treat you the way they do. Your energy, confidence and attitude is the currency that others will transact with. I know many women who have settled for less, and simply “accepted” cards dealt because deep inside, they don’t believe they deserve more. I’m sure you know of someone who seems to have it all together in their life, but when it comes to relationships, they just can’t seem to shake the habit of dating douche bags and douchettes. SELF–WORTH Worth can be defined as the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held.” In short, worth equals value. Self-worth ultimately comes from within. The value you place on yourself is the only type of worth you can control. WAYS TO IDENTIFY AND IMPROVE YOUR SELF-WORTH A study in the Journal of Social Issues found that college students who based their self-worth on appearance, academic performance, and approval of society were more likely to be stressed and frustrated. These students also had more relationship problems and academic issues, as well as higher use of drugs and alcohol. The same study also found that students who placed their self-worth on internal aspects—such as sticking to their morals—were generally happier and healthier. 1. COMPARE YOURSELF TO NO ONE Defining your worth from outside sources is a subconscious way of comparing yourself to specific standards set by others. Comparison is a foolproof way of ignoring the awesome things you have done or can do. When you compare yourself to others, you’re measuring your worth by their terms. But what about your own? This can be difficult when social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram,etc provide a constant reminder of the achievements of others. A study by the Public Library of Science found that increased Facebook use undermines subjective well-being. The more individuals saw the achievements of their peers, the less satisfied they were with their own lives. You determine how outside factors influence your inner sense of value. When you base your self-worth on external sources, you tread down a risky path. Your own terms are the only ones that matter. Every person has walked a different path to get where they are today. Instead of measuring your worth based on another person’s scale; concentrate on what is meaningful to you. 2. STOP NEGATIVE SELF-TALK It is easy to be depressed, angry and anxious with self-doubt but quieting your inner critic shows self-kindness and compassion that lets you live life to your full potential. Positive thinking does not only mean having happy thoughts but it also means responding to negative emotions in productive and healthy way. 3. EMBRACE YOUR MISTAKES AND LEARN FROM THEM There are no mistakes in life; only lessons. What this means is that whenever something happens, there is a gem for you to learn from. Mistakes elicit feelings of shame and regret. But like most things, it depends on how you look at it. Though we can’t change the past, we can control how we handle those mistakes. If you can learn to accept mistakes, shortcomings, and unwanted events as opportunities for learning and personal growth, then you'll feel less stressed and fearful, you'll be more confident and self-assured. 4. TAKE OPPORTUNITIES TO DEVELOP YOURSELF Our life is full of opportunities. One can even say that life itself is one big opportunity. Regardless of your career level, there is always room for improvement. You can consider the following; Read books and blogs on topics that are meaningful to you. Seek out events, lectures, and workshops on subjects you care about. Take up fitness class for health benefits Get involved with an NGO or join a committee Find a mentor

The Pen is mightier than the sword

Students in the creative writing class seem to say. They have displayed ingenuity and produced beautiful works so far. Among them are; Give Me My Voice, The Womb I Slept, I Should Had Trusted My Instinct, Sorrow, Death, Nneka, Judgement Day, Things Happen Unknowingly, My Future, The Path of Marriage. We can expect an anthology from them right? We hope to share some of their works here for you.

A Teen Mom's Tale

I was drawn by a child's cry and a mother's harsh, voilent shout at her innocent baby. This threw a spanner in the works for me as my Easter celebrations were deeply dented.. A 14 year old Mother, a Junior high form 2 girl who is supposed to be in school is here so frustrated. She wished to be part of her colleagues performing at the durbar grounds for the Easter celebration. Did she really make this mistake all by herself? She openly told me the perpetrator accepted the pregnancy but had completely abandoned them to their fate. The worst part of it all, she said the father of the baby is a wee (marijuana) dealer and smoker. This epitomises the extent of destruction teenage pregnancy and drug abuse are inflicting on the future of young people in rural Ghana. Our task is even more arduous and we will do all we can to create opportunities for change.

Happy Mother's Day

When on a MOTHERS' DAY, in your community, you enthusiastically wish young women gathered a Happy Mothers day, and you could barely hear a thank you from one or two, how would you feel? I went like, are you not happy to be mothers? "No", they said, why? "because we are not supposed to be mothers at this age", this truth they accepted a bit too late. Nneka Youth Foundation brought together teenmothers on Mothers day to celebrate with them, share experiences with them and talk to them to give themselves a second chance. "You can rise up and rebuild your lives", we told them. Some said they are willing to go back to school but have no one to take care of their babies. The most painful truth observed yesterday was that none of the girls and their babies are being supported by the men who impregnated them. Two of them, a 24 year old with 4 children and a 23 year old with 3, have multiple fathers to their children. Our AIM is to break or at least, reduce this menace, this cycle of abject poverty, children having children. We have a more difficult job at hand than can be imagined. We soldier on!

The Fight Against Teenage Pregnancy

As much as this menace called teenage pregnancy would not go away, we would also not rest on our oars. Mama Klebetesi III, the Queenmother of Mafi Sasekpe, leads some other queenmothers to fight against teenage pregnancy. Nneka Youth Foundation shares in this vision and would go all out to colaborate with them in this fight. Out of the 75 young women trained earlier in the Sasekpe community, 28 of them were supported to start their own businesses. The queen mother was full of gratitude to Nneka Youth Foundation as we handed the tools to her on behalf of the girls.

ICT Quiz

Nneka Youth Foundation continues to build bridges of opportunity for young people in rural Ghana, creating avenues for practical engagement. Our maiden ICT awareness and practical quiz took place at the Nneka Youth Development Centre on the 10th of April. 11 schools from the Afadzato south district who are beneficiaries of our ICT engagement project took active part in the quiz which entailed both theory and practicals. Ve Golokuati E.P. Jnr. High School came up trumps, but we were particularly intrigued by the level of competence displayed by participants. We however had only 5 female participants out of 33, which heightens our task to get more females involved in ICT and technology going forward.We look to make this a core of our transformation agenda.

Speed Mentoring In Keta Municipality

Keta Municipal Assembly and Education travelled with NNEKA on our Speed Mentoring and Review sessions this week. We met with all stakeholders, to inform them about the concerns of their children, anonymously shared with us during our 2018 Youth camp, and how to solve them. We reached out to over 1500 basic school children from 9 schools and over 250 parents and teachers in Keta and Abor and their surrounding communities. Nneka Youth Foundation always goes back to the communities with feeback from the youth who attend our Camps. Anonymously, they are able to share the issues that are preventing them from focusing on their education. 9 schools/communities in all, 6 from Keta and surrounding communities and 3 from Abor areas were part of this excercice which was so revealing and very emotional. Education as well as parents promised to take up some of the issues seriously and resolve them.

Ten Young Mothers ready to start their own businesses!

Nneka Youth Foundation believes in words backed by action! We talk our young mothers into being firm, bold and strong when it comes to abuse, violence against them and their children and unconsciously being pushed into 'child marriage', the vices that entrench the impoverished state of our society. How firm, bold and strong could they be when provision of the most basic need, food, is not a possibility by them. We trained these women in our Vocational Entrepreneurial Pathway, we gave them Psychosocial support and on the 30th of May 2019, Ve Hoeme and surrounding villages witnessed the joy when all the inputs to enable the ten start work to become self reliant, became a reality.

Our interaction with basic school children

Where are you, parents and guardians? We had an opportunity to sit and interact with basic primary school children in the village and my experience, which was to be a fully positive one turned a bit worrying. Most of the children were, as though no one supervised neatness when they were leaving home for school. "It is a daily affair we have to grapple with, not only their outward look, they even come to school on empty stomach" a teacher said to me. We were privileged to share some thoughts with the teachers and the teacher- trainees of the school. Teachers play a great role in the academic excellence of many great people and they contribute to the success of many the world over. I could vividly remember during our elementary school days, teachers would visit our individual homes, and sometimes, surprised visits. Those visits meant a lot to us. I believed the purpose was to interact with our parents/guardians. To suggest best ways on our holistic growth, which example I think could be emulated especially in our smaller communities; where some children could enter a classroom and one would be tempted to ask if they had their bath. A little more show of concern, love and inputs in the affairs these children, in the classroom and beyond, would awaken those parents/guardians who just throw their wards in to the classroom anyhow. Teaching is a noble profession and must be entered with the right motive and the right heart. Whatever one loves, one lives!

Bene is fully empowered to start her own business.

We do not only train our young women, we set them up, to empower them to be self reliant! Bene has been trained in Soap making and as a Trainer; yesterday 28th May, she was set to go independent. We are grateful to The Ashmore Foundation for supporting us in this fight!

Over 500 children met with Nneka Youth Foundaton on the African Union Day

Nneka Youth Foundation celebrates The African Union day in a grand style with over 500 children drawn from 13 schools in the Shai Osu Doku District. The Theme for the day 'Change is possible, You can Lead it', focused on Reproductive Health, as Teenage pregnancy is very prevalent in the District, leading to girls dropping out of school. The Group Challenge session brought out a lot of solutions from the ten (10) Young Innovator Groups on management of Sanitation and how to turn this into income generating avenues for their communities. The Shai Osu Doku District Education Directorate is appreciated for making the day a success.

We got interactive with these students about faced challenges and how to overcome them.

JIM BOURTON Memorial Agric Senior High Sch (JIBMAS) was NNEKA'S last stop as we wrapped up our first quarter activities. We dwelled on the Challenges Students face and how to Overcome them in order to aid them achieve their goals. The interactive section with over 460 students revealed many more challenges that ranged from; lack of proper communication between students and their parents, between students and teachers, peer pressure, relationship issues with opposite sex, lack of facilities and inputs to aid effective learning, absence of some subject teachers and many more. These issues are currently being managed by the District Director of Education, doubling as the Headmistress of the school, who has very limited resources to facilitate adequate solution mechanisms. We are very grateful to Ghana International Bank GHIB for supporting this program with reading books.

. Our graduate, Gifty makes great sales as pieces of her batik are being requested for a wedding ceremony in Cote d’Ivoire.

NNEKA'S greatest news for this week is that 40 Pieces of Batik from one of our Vocational Entrepreneurial Pathway Graduates, Gifty, is on the way to Cote d'Ivoire! Sara and Ben are getting married and the only colours they would want to use should be from our teen mothers! Sara, one of our young parters, who supports one of our girls in Snr High school, visited our Foundation last 2 years and had fallen in love with what we do and has since become part of Nneka. Come let us 'Transform Africa One Child at a Time '

When Nneka moves, hope is restored!

Our visit to Mobole yesterday, one of the communities we work in, in the Ningo Prampram district, has gone beyond conscientising over 300 Youth on the Potential in them and how to Excel. Three of our form one Jnr high school youth received the biggest surprise when their full educational and basic needs support was given by the TKM team. A single mother to one of them was also given a seed money to work with to support her other children in school. We appreciate the Head teacher of the District Assembly Basic school who accompanied us to visit the home of one the children to ascertain her true state.

Women at Ve Agbome discuss avenues to become more successful.

For a successful transformation and a total mindset change of our youth to be achieved, women cannot be left out. As part our advocacy programs we engage all stakeholders especially women to drive Nneka's agenda; "one CHILD at a time, to realize the future that is hoped for". We had a very fruitful time with the women of Ve Agbome to discuss avenues to become more resourceful. They renewed their commitment to work hard, to focus on their Responsibilities, uphold the Rights of the child and to support their children to grow to become responsible adults. It was full of fun and sharing of clothing with over 60 women during session. For us at Nneka Youth Foundation, the year of 'Action to Achieve' has taken off.

Our maiden 9 Lessons and Carols Concert

Every child deserves an opportunuty to have fun and make merry no matter where that child comes from. Today there was so much amazement to see talents and energy at play at the Nneka Youth Development Centre where over 800 children from 11 schools were hosted at our first ever 9 Lessons and Christmas Carols Concert in the Afadjato South District. Nneka Youth Foundation really ushered the children into this joyous season never to be forgotten, as food, clothing and other school inputs were shared to them. We really appreciate the District Education Directorate for coordinating this program.

We just received our first Christmas Party support in school supplies!

Nneka Youth Foundation appreciates Chase Manar-Spears who took the lead to deliver our first Christmas Party support in school supplies at Ve Agbome! Chase is a young African American girl offering a one year program in the University of Ghana Legon. She got so excited about our programs and donated over 200 reading books and other inputs to support NNEKA ICT Library and Reading program. Come join us to make this Christmas a memorable one for our children in Kpando municipality.

NNEKA ICT LIBRARY opened Today at Nneka Youth Development Centre!!!

With just a few laptops and one young Volunteer, the children of Ve Agbome D/A Basic Junior High School have the feel of what a computer is. This is really a dream come through! We are grateful to STANBIC BANK GH LTD, for our beautiful tables, FEMININE STAR AFRICA, TIGO and FLORIAN OBERMEIER for the laptops! This Library would serve 5 sorrounding communities in the Ve Traditional Area. It has the capacity to take 50 computers. We call on all to support with more computers and books for our library!

We change the mindset of the youth to keep them in school

Our main focus is to give a mindset to our Youth, to keep them in school, at school going age, so that they can realise their futures. We do whatever it takes for them to understand this language. Nneka collaborated with Jardins Shalom to drive this message home to the youth of Odumse in the Ningo Prampram district in the Greater Accra Region on the 27th of October 2018

Youth advocates in a three-day round table discussion.

Young Researchers, Scholars and Practitioner/Activists from Africa and the Diaspora in a three day round table discussion (Accra Forum II) on Youth Opportunities Pathways in Africa and in the Diaspora. The focus was on Education and Skills opportunities for the youth. As the outcome of the 2017 Forum I, a Manuscript, (contributions from all participants) was reviewed to be published in to a book very soon. We appreciate Ford Foundation for making this possible through Rutgers University and Mora Mclean.

Today we kicked off a brand new flagship programme: Creative Arts for Social Empowerment(CASE).

Through this amazing programme, we will take kids in upper primary and Junior High school through a uniquely tailored creative arts module that will open up their innovative pores, help them build confidence and improve their sense of expression. These skills and traits are very essential in every Child's development. This programme will be run in selected schools 3 times a week across the school term period. #NnekaCASE

MusicforyouthGhana Gh Classical Music Fundraiser for NNEKA YOUTH FOUNDATION is next weekend!

An opportunity to do two great things..enjoy pure, classical music from some real greats and make a difference in the lives of deprived youth. MusicforyouthGhana Gh Classical Music Fundraiser for NNEKA YOUTH FOUNDATION is next weekend! Show your support in a donation of a ticket of GHC100.00 only 4 Tickets Purchase= Training and Start up funds for Businesses 1 Tickets Purchase= 6 students to attend Nneka’s one week world changers Camp Make a difference and support the empowerment of the next generation of Leaders here in Ghana . Let’s make a difference today!!!! For Tickets and more information please call 0270405819, 0249882791, 0244231405,0552565641 #howdoyougiveback #changinglivesthroughmusic #Nneka #afropolitan #vep #Worldchangersacamp #Afropolitanexperience

Learning materials donated to Kindergarten schools.

Nneka Youth Foundation donated learning materials to Ve Agbome and Ve Hoeme Kindergarten schools today.We believe that it does not matter what stage an opportunity is given. What matters that we are confident about the fact that every child has potential that has to be tapped; and all we do is to give opportunities to transform 'Africa One Child at a Time'.

Meet Mr Raphael Werner.

Raphael is part of a team of German volunteers lending a supporting hand in our quest to make a difference. He is passionate about change making and is excited about spending the next year with Nneka. We really appreciate you Ralph

Flt. Lt. Rosemary Amenyo-Xah interacts with our campers

Flt. Lt. Rosemary Amenyo-Xah from the Ghana Air Force interacting with the campers during the visit of the crew today. #NnekaWCSC18

Youth Parliament.

On the agenda for discussion in last Friday parliamentary was the Legalization of Abortion. The Gender and Children Minister moved the motion for abortion to be legalized since more girls are dying through unsafe abortion. The legalization, according to her will ensure we have professionals doing the abortion for the girls. By so, the death rate as result of unsafe abortion would be reduced. Most MPs spoke against the motion while some were in favour. After heated debate, there was voice vote. Majority of the MPs voted against the motion. Other issues debated were; 1. Inadequate training of teachers. 2. Double-track system. 3. Open defecation.

13 year old teen mother shares her story

She is 13 years old. She was 12 when a man raped her. Sadly, she got pregnant and didn’t know for months. She delivered by herself at home. She was at the #NnekaWCSC18 to share her story of how she was raped and warned never to tell anyone, or else she dies. She advised the campers to avoid going to places alone and also to report to their parents anytime a man or a woman makes sexual advances on them.

Nneka Christmas Party 2018

Nneka Youth Foundation hosted over 700 children at its 8th Christmas Party held in Kpando on the Boxing day. Santa Clause ASKO was truly present and this aroused the curiosity of the children who have seen the real Father Christmas for the first time in their lives. INDOMIE gave us the biggest surprise when they pulled up, set up and supported us with more food. Madam Dela Sowah, the member of Paliament of Kpando and the Director of the Municipal Health, Dr. Samuel Abudey interacted with the children and encouraged them to be focused on their education. We really appreciate you all who made it possible for this wonderful time with our children.

Mavis and Bernice are set for the university

An evening with Mavis and Bernice, two of NNEKA's determined young girls who are off to University for Development Studies and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology respectively tomorrow!! These young women epitomise the transformation we deliver. They are manifestations of the Nneka Success story. They became Nneka beneficiaries since 2014 and they have been through the whole nine yards.They are so grateful and promise to hold high the banner of Nneka and achieve their dreams. Team NNEKA wishes them a successful semester. We believe in creating pathways of opportunity and these girls have realised their dreams.

Get your ward registered for our SEAT Clinic.

Is your ward a JHS graduate on the GOLD TRACK? Do you want your ward to develop into a Creative Superstar? Are you ready for a month of Skills Development? Engage your child during the waiting period at NNEKA Skills and Entrepreneurship Training Clinic (SEAT Clinic). The NNEKA SEAT Clinic is purposely designed to transform Young People into Entrepreneurs and Skill Oriented Future Leaders. Skills available to be handled by seasoned experts: Beads making, Fabric Design and Screen Printing, Fashion Design, ICT and Coding and Basic Engineering. Also empowerment in Soft Skills such as: Basic Entrepreneurship, Basic Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Communication skills and Financial Literacy. Date: 1st to 26th October 2018. Venue: NNEKA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, Ve Agbome. RESIDENTIAL!!! Don't be left out of this wonderful opportunity!!! To be a part of this, contact us on: 0243110901 0552565641 0270405819 Or info@nnekayouthfoundation.org out!!!

Nneka Youth Foundation talking to parents and guardians about the importance of care and attention for their children.

The Lack of basic care and attention for primary school children before sending them off to school is a serious issue for discussion. Our attempts to reach out through Parents/Teacher Association and other stakeholder meetings could not yield much results as guardians do not show up for such meetings. NNEKA YOUTH Foundation had the permission of 6 churches to use their pulpits on the 9th of June to highlight the importance of care and attention for children. As much as some parents give their best, most children in under-served communities receive little or no attention before going to school in the mornings. The cycle of children having babies, leaving them in the care of relatives/others and lack of collaboration between Parents/Guardians and Teachers account for this. One request by all the churches visited was that we should come back to their entire communities with the message we carried.