Nneka is Igbo for “Mother is Supreme.” The expression is meant to capture the encouragement and security that is available to children in vibrant and united communities. Sadly, this reality remains elusive in underserved regions throughout the world.


To give the necessary guardians and support to children in the rural communities in an attempt to curb social vices and bring them  to a point of believing that they to can be world changers.



Our vision is to nurture generations of lifelong learners, leaders, and doers in the classroom and beyond. Education doesn’t just build careers, it builds character. Ghana’s future depends on engaged citizens.

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NNEKA updates

Foundation has, from the 14th to 17th November 2016, successfully reached out to over 4,500 youth, 483 Teachers and 512 Parents and community leaders in .....

nneka updates

A large number of young girls have their lives brought to a grinding halt due to the stigma of teenage pregnancy and the lack of resources to carry on with their educational pursuits. Many of these girls fell prey to peer pressure, broken homes and other unfortunate....

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